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.NET Blog: What’s new in Windows Forms in .NET 6.0 Preview 5 https://t.co/YCxxSkvLtz

In this post we are going to talk about what’s new in Windows Forms runtime in .NET 6.0 Preview 5.

Application-wide default font

.NET Framework and Windows Forms were designed and built in a…   23.06.2021
Twitter, 23.06.2021

.NET Blog: Package Validation https://t.co/4ezvgq9b8f

In this blog post, I’m going to show the new package validation tooling that will become available with .NET 6. It ensures that your package consumers have a great experience across all .NET platforms and versions and that …   23.06.2021
Twitter, 23.06.2021

.NET Blog: Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 5 https://t.co/cssCDlYuI0

While we are still recovering from Microsoft Build and .NET 6 Preview 4, we are here to share our continued progress with .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) with .NET 6 Preview 5. In this release we have ena…   18.06.2021
Twitter, 18.06.2021

.NET Blog: Announcing Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 5: Compiled Models https://t.co/HYQhtB7dKj

Today, the Entity Framework Core team announces the fifth preview release of EF Core 6.0. This release includes the first iteration of compiled models. If startup time for your a…   18.06.2021
Twitter, 18.06.2021

.NET Blog: Announcing .NET 6 Preview 5 https://t.co/WUeMX1fVJT

We are thrilled to release .NET 6 Preview 5. We’re now in the second-half of the .NET 6 release, and starting to see significant features coming together. A great example is .NET SDK Workloads, which is the foundat…   18.06.2021
Twitter, 18.06.2021

.NET 6: Die fünfte Preview bringt neue Tools und eine frische Shell für MAUI | In der am Donnerstag veröffentlichten Vorschauversion liefert Microsoft einen bunten Strauß an Neuerungen. https://t.co/TZfgjvx32s   18.06.2021
Twitter, 18.06.2021

Erste Preview von Visual Studio 2022: Erweiterungen müssen überarbeitet werden https://t.co/idW7qyX06a   18.06.2021
Twitter, 18.06.2021

.NET Blog: Conversation about networking https://t.co/7HRmLvcFKD

Pretty much every app is network-connected and depends on fast and reliable networking to provide its intended experience. This includes both client- and server-side networking, and even both within the same app.…   16.06.2021
Twitter, 16.06.2021

.NET Blog: .NET Framework June 2021 Cumulative Update Preview https://t.co/IhqsrngkfA

Today, we are releasing the June 2021 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework for Windows 10, version 1809, Windows Server 2019, and Windows 10, version 1909.

Quality and Reliability

T…   16.06.2021
Twitter, 16.06.2021

.NET Blog: Migration of Bing’s Workflow Engine to .NET 5 https://t.co/n3A6TiOov8

Bing runs one of the world’s largest, most complex, highly performant, and reliable .NET applications. This post discusses the journey and the work required to upgrade to .NET 5, including the sig…   15.06.2021
Twitter, 15.06.2021

.NET Blog: Conversation about diagnostics https://t.co/zjyUq5wa9n

Diagnostics has always been a fundamental part of the .NET development experience. It enables developers to understand the runtime behavior of their programs, at both a high- and low-level. It’s also the set of …   15.06.2021
Twitter, 15.06.2021

.NET Blog: .NET Framework June 2021 Security and Quality Rollup Updates https://t.co/96qGHq7lPn

Today, we are releasing the June 2021 Security and Quality Rollup Updates for .NET Framework.


The June Security and Quality Rollup Update does not contain any new securit…   11.06.2021
Twitter, 11.06.2021

.NET Blog: .NET June 2021 Updates – 5.0.7 and 3.1.16 https://t.co/InFP9N9kLx

Today, we are releasing the .NET June 2021 Updates. These updates contains reliability and security improvements. See the individual release notes for details on updated packages.

You can download 5.…   09.06.2021
Twitter, 09.06.2021

.NET Blog: Date, Time, and Time Zone Enhancements in .NET 6 https://t.co/8JecBWiVdV

I’m excited to share with you some of the improvements that have been made to .NET that are coming in .NET 6 in the area of dates, times, and time zones. You can try out all of the following, s…   08.06.2021
Twitter, 08.06.2021

.NET Blog: Conversation about containers https://t.co/KWWfDyqQqg

Containers have becomes the most popular way to deploy cloud-based apps. It’s also one of the most common topics that web developers ask us about. We’ve been spending more and more effort on improving .NET for co…   08.06.2021
Twitter, 08.06.2021

.NET Blog: Conversation about the .NET type system https://t.co/XDz8oC2CMq

The .NET or Common Language Runtime (CLR) type system is the foundation of the .NET programming model. We often talk about System.Object being the base of the type system, but it’s really the base of al…   03.06.2021
Twitter, 03.06.2021

.NET Blog: Announcing Visual Studio Code extension for Tye https://t.co/Q2YGc4aHpS

We are excited to announce the availability of our Visual Studio Code Tye extension, which makes it easier to view, run, and debug applications that are using Tye from within Visual Studio Code.…   01.06.2021
Twitter, 01.06.2021

.NET Blog: Conversation about .NET interop https://t.co/oMvJ7kgOX1

Interop is the subsystem in the runtime that enables interoperability with other systems, like native C libraries or Objective-C. In some cases, it includes a full interop implementation like via P/Invoke or CO…   01.06.2021
Twitter, 01.06.2021

.NET 6 erscheint am 9. November 2021   27.05.2021
Microsoft hat jetzt den genauen Erscheinungstermin von .NET 6 bekannt gegeben.

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.NET 6 will be released at .NET Conf 2021, that will take place Nov 9 to Nov 11.
@dotnet #MSBuild https://t.co/wCxETbTbxQ
Twitter, 26.05.2021

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